Business Development Lead


Datashift is a very fast growing consultancy team with a focus on delivering solutions that answer business questions with data and facts.

To support this growth and scale our way of working we are looking for a Business development lead.

Your Responsibilities

Working at a scale-up means flexibility, excitement, variety in responsibilities and above all growth.

To help fuel this growth we are looking for a business development lead. In this role you will take on the responsibility to ensure a healthy 'sales pipeline' and support your colleagues in converting leads into customers.

In this role you will be

  • responsible for the management and follow-up of the "top" of sales funnel. Ensuring we have a healthy sales pipeline, feeding it with the right prospects and converting them together with your colleagues into qualified leads.
  • actively participating in external events, making sure Datashift is top of mind within the data community.
  • working closely together with our marketing department to ensure all new initiatives carry that unique Datashift touch.
  • driving customer events organized by Datashift and our partners.
  • making sure every valuable contact is captured and followed-up by you and your colleagues.
  • after a successful onboarding, able to take on extra responsibility to help shape & launch new services and offerings.

Your Qualifications

  • Ideally you have a first experience (3-6 years) in a commercial role within a consultancy context, preferably in data or IT.
  • Your energy level rises dramatically when meeting new people, you strike the perfect balance between knowing all the people in the room without dominating the conversation.
  • The only way you can do lead generation is through an honest conversation.
  • You feel an urge to push things forward and keep the promises you made.
  • You know the term funnel is not only used in laboratories.
  • Fluent Dutch & English. Profound knowledge of French is a considerable plus.
  • You're flexible both in mindset and are looking to help build a bigger story.
  • You're looking for a constantly changing environment that challenges you to adjust and improve.
  • You're not running away screaming from responsibilities.

Your Growth Path

Datashift is a firm believer in growing through it's people. We will guide and support you providing a multitude of opportunities to develop and grow.

Surrounded by an entrepreneurial team, many opportunities will present themselves to deepen your expertise knowledge or broaden your responsibilities within a fast growing scale-up.

After a first period of getting to know how we do things the "Datashift" way, the role will be broadened towards identifying and launching new services and offerings working closely together with our Marketing team.

Our Offer

  • A highly entrepreneurial team;
  • A no-nonsense working environment with a focus on high quality;
  • Excellent terms of employment (including company car, fuel card, meal vouchers & bonus);
  • Fringe benefits including continuous training that builds and extends professional, technical and management skills in all areas;
  • The opportunity to grow together with Datashift in terms of capabilities as well as financial benefits.


In case you are willing (= believe in Datashift) and able (= this level of expertise and professionalism), feel free to reach out to +32 499 27 70 52 or

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Life at Datashift?

Frequently Asked Questions

You bet! Check out our website, review the job listing, know who you're chatting with and what you'll be talking about, and, most importantly, just be yourself.

Picture it: a laid-back chat to see if we're a match, both culturally and professionally. No need for a suit – just bring your authentic self and a big smile. We'll explore where you want to go, and if Datashift can be your next adventure.

Sometimes, you might face a surprise test in certain roles. But don't sweat it; we'll give you a heads-up. It's like a pop quiz, Datashift style. Think SQL or Python. New grads even join us for a 'caseday' challenge.

We'll strive for at least one in-person interview at our cool offices. You'll get a taste of Datashift's vibe and can wander around. We're all about the personal touch.

Consulting experience is a bonus, but not a deal-breaker. If you've got the right mindset and a knack for tackling challenges, we're all ears. We want go-getters who are ready to make waves.

Our culture? It's personal, down-to-earth, no-nonsense, teamwork-driven, with heaps of respect and knowledge sharing. No BS here, just a dash of entrepreneurship and camaraderie.

That's a question only you can answer. We won't twist your arm. If you're as excited about us as we are about you, then let's make magic together!

We aim to be quick on the draw, usually within a week. But during our busy seasons, it might take a tad longer. Sometimes, it's even the same day – expect the unexpected! We keep it transparent and breezy.

Yep, you'll need wheels for this ride.

It's all about your passion and interest in Datashift. Give it a shot, and we'll give you the lowdown on why you're in or out.

Not at the moment, sorry!

Nope, sorry!

Datashift is all about entrepreneurship. We'll brainstorm your next step together. The sky's the limit, and we like to break the mold. It'll be an eye-opening experience for all of us!

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