Talent Acquisition Specialist


We are looking for a Talent Acquisition Specialist to fuel our future growth. Do you have a Bachelor or Master Degree combined with a first experience and a feeling in finding the right candidates? Are you passionate about connecting people and do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Don't hesitate and reach out!

Your Responsibilities

Working at a scale-up means flexibility, excitement, variety in responsibilities and above all growth. Of course growth for yourself, but also of Datashift.

And that's where you come into play. We need colleagues, new colleagues. Not just any colleagues but those that fit with our DNA and culture. Fast paced, qualitative but with trust and friendship. Not an easy job, but in this role you help us finding the right Datashifters, the right "purple" people. In a nutshell you will be:

  • looking for and acquiring the right candidates for the jobs / vacancies that are open (don't worry, you'll not get bored)
  • helping manage the entire recruitment process, from first contact to onboarding
  • playing a vital role in getting Datashift known far and wide in the candidate landscape
  • helping organize events directed towards potential candidates
  • ready to grow far beyond the initial responsibilities listed above!

    Your Qualifications

    • Ideally you have a first experience of 1-2 years in a talent acquisition /recruitment position or similar experience through an internship. Any expertise you can bring along is always appreciated - we're smart but don't mind adopting best practices
    • Fluent Dutch & English. Want to impress us with your French? That's definitely a nice plus!
    • You're flexible both in mindset and are looking to help build a bigger story.
    • You're looking for a constantly changing environment that challenges you to adjust and think on your feet.
    • You're not running away screaming from responsibilities :-).

    Your Growth Path

    • Datashift is a firm believer in growing through it's people. We will guide and support you providing a multitude of opportunities to develop and grow in the direction you want. However we equally believe that it's you who takes ownership of your growth. That's why we give you the tools and the driving seat, it's up to you to do seize the opportunity.
    • One thing is for sure, surrounded by an entrepreneurial team, many opportunities will present themselves to deepen your expertise knowledge or broaden your Horizon in Data.
    • In this particular role, you will take your first steps as a talent acquisition specialist. But we have got plans in store for you. Together with Datashift we see you grow. Not only in recruitment but in a much broader HR related role in the coming years, supporting our operations Director.

    Our Offer

    • A highly entrepreneurial team where initiatives are highly valued and room is given to grow;
    • A no-nonsense working environment where you will have a direct impact and deliver meaningful results (whilst having a lot of fun);
    • Excellent terms of employment;
    • Joining a fast growing company means growing together with it: learn new skills, take a variety of responsibilities and opportunities that continuously present themselves
    • Fringe benefits including continuous training that builds and extends professional, technical and management skills in all areas;
    • The opportunity to grow together with Datashift in terms of capabilities as well as financial benefits.
    • Want to find out a bit more on how our CEO looks at working together? Take a look at his blogpost!


    Feel free to reach out to +32 494 99 52 10 or jobs@datashift.eu to grab a coffee and an interview.

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