Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Automation

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in machines. This means that we can train algorithms to think and learn just like humans do. These systems can than be used to support decision making or to automate complex systems.

AI is the future!

Although AI will evolve even more in the future, we should not be blind to the effects that AI already has on our day-to-day lives. AI is being used across a wide range of industries, from healthcare and finance to transportation and retail. 


Artificial intelligence for all businesses?

Whether completely (and intelligently) automated or done by humans with computer level support, decision-making drives business value. Therefore AI and IA are often the last steps in the data value chain where high quality and well governed data is leveraged to make intelligent decisions.

Image generated with Midjourney, which can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

What's the challenge?

Often in getting high quality data to train accurate models and developing automated pipelines to deploy these models in production. To be successful in a production environment we need to monitor both the model and the data. Thus running successful AI-applications requires some sort of maturity in data governance and a reasonably well developed data platform.

How we have helped our customers?

  • Identifying and prioritizing use cases
  • Developing proof of value for these use-cases
  • Deploying these cases in production
  • Monitoring the solutions
  • Teaching and upskilling personal about AI

Should we also mention that good governance and a data platform are needed to make this a success story? Yes, we need to store and access data, including metadata, monitor the model and the data and visualize the output.

What can AI do for your business?

Get inspired by our AI & ML Matrix

Turn your data into an asset

Your data is an opportunity to get a competitive edge, to mitigate risks and to grow your business in a sustainable way by making the right decisions. But too often data remains unavailable, unknown or not combined and opportunities are missed. Are you seeing the untapped potential? Are you looking for the next step to take?

What’s your data challenge?

Don’t forget to also start treating your data as an asset! Check out our view on Data Governance

Datashift Senior Lead Intelligent Automation & AI Stijn Van Hijfte

Looking for an experienced AI partner?

Curious how AI can accelerate your growth in data impact?

To truly unlock your data, it takes a clear strategy, a solid technological foundation and the right people. And that's what we provide for our clients.

Where are you today when it comes to your data? Reach out and discuss your challenge.
We're here to help.

Working with Datashift has proven to be an excellent experience. Their data expertise provided us with valuable insights and data-driven solutions which have helped us make informed decisions and improve our business outcome. They collaborated with different stakeholders to better understand processes, dare to challenge in order to clearly define problem statements, before performing the required data analysis. Thanks to Datashift's high-quality data profiles, we were able to turn data into real business value.

Wouter Duerinck

Head of Client Data Analytics, Euroclear

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"We shouldn't try to solve everything with AI. In fact it should probably be avoided when possible. However some challenges cannot be solved with traditional computer programs. Coincidentally, these are the challenges that are going to determine our future."

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Stijn Van Hijfte
Senior Lead Intelligent Automation & AI

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