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"Too many organizations spend their time and money on the end product of data (e.g. reports, apps, algorithms) while they forget to take care of the raw material (= data). What gets measured, gets managed. So start by measuring your data assets."

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Nico Huybrechts
CEO Datashift

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5 essential ingredients of a successful data strategy

Many organizations struggle with ongoing data issues and are missing the opportunity to use data as a means to profoundly impact their business. What's usually missing is a comprehensive data strategy. Let's have a look at the 5 ingredients a successful long-term data strategy can't do without.

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Why Collibra is the best data governance tool

Data governance is no longer optional. Businesses are on a path to data-driven decision-making and privacy laws are dictating the need for data integrity, security and compliancy. Choosing the right data governance software is an essential part of the road to data mastery. In this article we discuss why we believe Collibra is the best data governance tool in the market.

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Kick-start your data governance program with a business glossary

No one likes misunderstandings. We've all been in a "the Italian man who went to Malta" situation before. Annoyingly enough, this situation happens in a lot of businesses too. Many discussions between departments have the same root challenge: different people speaking different 'languages'. In this article, we’ll set the stage to take on this challenge.

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Let’s gear up your Data Intelligence program!

Imagine, you have launched your Data Governance program 5 years ago. Over those years a lot happened: your team designed and implemented a complete Data Governance strategy. You can proudly call yourself GDPR compliant, your knowledge workers (e.g. data scientists) have access to data they trust and data is managed on a daily basis. You might think of taking the foot off the accelerator, but why not gear up? Automated data quality checks, data monetization opportunities and/or making your data management more efficient. Think big!

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Collibra Consultant

We are looking for Collibra Consultants to strenghten our Data Intelligence practice.

Have you graduated with a master’s degree, already 2 to 5 years of experience in data governance and/or data management and are you eager to have an everlasting impact on clients? Do you want to build and grow a Data Governance team? Let's connect!

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Project Manager

At Datashift, we are always looking for skilled consultants who can bridge the gap between data and business. Right now, we are hiring a Project Manager.

Have you got experience in managing projects or mixed business & technology teams and are you eager to have a true impact on organizations? Are you willing to be challenged intellectually and personally?

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