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Data governance is no longer just a means to meet legal and compliancy needs. Today, it’s at the root of turning organizations into well-oiled machines. Let's turn your data governance use case into a success together.

The 6 elements of a solid data governance framework

What's your biggest data governance challenge?

Data governance is the foundation of high quality data. It's the driver of better insights and business decisions.

For your data to be an asset, it needs to be governed. Data governance provides the framework, policies, processes and definitions of your data. It sets the standard to achieve your business goals.

In reality, a lot of data governance projects fail, because of the high level of complexity. Data governance runs through all levels of an organization. That's why partnering up with a specialized data company means the difference between a successful project and one that fails.

From data to impact

Data governance projects are often looked at as a huge exercise that might take years. It feels like a big mountain that can't be overcome, but it shouldn't have to be that way. What organizations fail to see is that it's possible to start managing data very gradually, with minimal impact on daily operations.

What's your data challenge?

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Turn your data into an asset

Your data is an opportunity to get a competitive edge, to mitigate risks and to grow your business in a sustainable way by making the right decisions. Our advice? Start small, but start now. The sooner you start organizing and managing your data, the sooner you'll see the effects.

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Looking for an experienced data governance partner?

To truly unlock your data, it takes a clear strategy, a solid technological foundation and the right people. And that's what we provide for our clients.

Where are you today when it comes to your data? Reach out and discuss your challenge.
We're here to help.

Datashift has been a great partner in our data intelligence journey. They were not only operational on day 1 thanks to their impressive Collibra expertise, also throughout the project, they have proactively shared their experience and provide guidance on the best ways to make data work. They have demonstrated great flexibility and stakeholder management during our governance project.

Arthur Burkhardt,
Data & Knowledge Management Lead, UCB

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"Too many organizations spend their time and money on the end product of data (e.g. reports, apps, algorithms) while they forget to take care of the raw material (= data). What gets measured, gets managed. So start by measuring your data assets."

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Philippe Van Bouwel
Data Governance Domain Lead

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Get inspired by these data governance use cases

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You weren’t able to attend Data Citizens 2020 this year? No worries, we got you covered! Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, the next generation of Collibra, will furtherbe built on their 4 pillars: Cloud Native, API First Approach, Edge Computing & Everywhere! In this blog post, we will give you insights in the first pillar: Cloud Native.

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From Data to Impact talks

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