Shift towards effective decision-making

From intuition-based to data-driven

The past few years, organizations have been considerably collecting data. This will only increase the coming years.
Until now, only the lucky few have truly succeeded in getting business value out of the data.
We know how to do this differently and succeed in shifting to a data-driven organization.

Everyone will say he is different. So do we.

We believe in order to achieve results, the following ingredients are of upmost importance.


Our starting point is your business problem.

We will first focus on clearly understanding the underlying business challenge. Therefore, we expect involvement from senior leadership. Although we love technology, it comes in later and should be chosen bearing in mind the business question. Not the other way around.

We realize that this is a people’s business.

Even though our job is very factual and rational, the human component is critical in order to be successful. We always put significant effort into stakeholder alignment, continuous transparent communication and training focused on building competences rather than learning a technology.

Our ending point is a practical solution that works.

We live for realizing results. We deliver end-to-end solutions: we understand your business challenge, translate it into a practical solution design fit on your organization and industry, realize the job and ensure that you seize the benefits you were aiming at after deployment. No blabla.

We are hands-on and walk the walk.

As data is the new gold, we know it requires digging to get it. Not only can we design how to realize data-driven business benefits, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and practice what we’ve preached. Some of us might even say that’s where the real fun is.

Already convinced?

Our core business is serving our clients.

We believe we can always find one or more modus operandi on how to collaborate.


We advise.

We provide expertise and operate as trusted advisor to management on how to solve business and organizational challenges by using data.

Potential topics can be business case calculations, achieve lower total cost of ownership of BI-departments; define KPI’s, realize higher data maturity level, …

We help you to do.

We train and mentor you in shifting towards factual and data-driven decision-making.
From the one hand, we provide training on dealing with data, from an organization as well as a technological point of view.
On the other hand, we deliver tailor-made coaching and assistance from the board of directors to the blue collar workers.

We do.

We are hands-on and deliver on the field: from solution design, data transformation and information visualization to program and project management.

Check our technology section to see in which technologies we believe.

Realizations we will probably share with our grandchildren.

In all our assignments, we want to have a data-driven impact. Some examples where a Shift has been realized…


40x checkRestructuring Business Intelligence Organization

Organizational design and implementation of transversal Business Intelligence department resulting in significant decrease of total cost of ownership of existing BI-environment and putting new energy in the development of further analytical capabilities.

Modus operandus
We advise and we do

40x checkBenchmarking as a service to stakeholders

Calculation and automation of benchmarking reports, spread out as-a-service to the stakeholders. Resulting in an increased overall performance level of the involved stakeholders and a closer partnership with the client.

Modus operandus
We do (Data warehousing & BI-report creation)

40x checkDecreased inventory shortage

Significant decrease in inventory shortage of high-demand and perishable goods resulting in increased customer satisfaction and lower cost of transportation.

Modus operandus
We advise and we do (Lineair programming)

40x checkDowntime production system decreased

A manufacturer of consumer goods wanted to prevent production systems going down unexpectedly. Maintenance data and downtime symptom detection are now used to work proactively instead of reactively resulting in less downtime and less costly repairs.

Modus operandus
We help you to do (Data warehousing & BI-report creation)

Not sure yet if you need a Data Shift?

No worries, we love to work with critical thinkers.
In case you nod while reading the next section, we are probably a match made in heaven.


You want to explore data, but don’t know where, what and how?

It’s not easy. That’s why we can make a living out of it.

We will always act as your trusted advisor and lead you in the awesome world of data-driven impact, whether it is on your clients or your own operational efficiency.

The information that is available in dashboards and reports, is not correctly presented.

This is particularly the case in existing and relatively large Business Intelligence environments. Visualizing information requires specific expertise.
We will de-clutter and bring you clear, concise and to-the-point insight. Most of the time we will rationalize the number of reports. Less is more.

You’ve been lead to believe that the next version of your data warehouse will finally have it all.

And you’re still disappointed in yourself that you believed it. No worries, we are allergic to bulls*it. We will bring true added value, without making the reality nicer than it is.
Our end products are always nice, so we don’t need to lie about it : )

Everyone says that big data will cure all your pains.

Big data is not a cd-rom you install. It is disruptive to your business model. We will match your business challenge with the required technology and the other way around. Yes we have expertise in big data, but we also believe there is a lot of low hanging fruit up for grabs in “small data”.

We are eager to shift gears, are you?