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Always happy to help, listen, talk

If you nod while reading the following statements, we would be very happy to connect the dots for you.

  • You are overwhelmed with data, but find it hard to get business insights out of them?
  • Even though a data warehouse is in place, it still takes days to get reports and analysis?
  • You want to become more data-driven, but find it difficult to differentiate hype from true business opportunity?

We know how to measure in order to manage. But we also realize, it’s a people business. So let’s start by talking and connecting.

Datashift NV

HQ Mechelen

Oude Brusselsestraat 14
2800 Mechelen


Office Ghent (Kohezie)

Coupure Rechts 620
9000 Gent


Office Leuven (Labora)

Mechelsestraat 202
3000 Leuven


E: info@datashift.eu
M: +32 476 89 30 69