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Full of ambition during the day, down-to-earth at night.

Always on the hunt to make sense out of data.

  • About us

    Achieve. Impact. Together.

    At Datashift, we team up with our clients to create long-term value using their data. We pride ourselves on working closely together with them, developing a relationship built on mutual trust, and inspiring the people we interact with. And while we are committed to delivering solutions that answer business questions with facts and figures, that is not where it ends for us. We remain relentlessly focused on sustaining our clients in achieving their ambitions and deploying data to create a profound impact on business, increasing revenue, reducing costs, and mitigating risks.

  • Philosophy

    In today’s complex and fast-moving world, we believe that common sense should prevail to unlock business value. Our philosophy is therefore based on the principles of structure, simplicity and “less is more”. Whether preparing proposals, implementing solutions or hiring and working with colleagues, we constantly ask ourselves ‘Does this make sense?’. Our goal is to enable our clients to make the shift that helps them see and understand their own data in ways that create long-term value for people and business.

  • History

    From the beginning early 2015, our founder and CEO Nico Huybrechts had a larger mission in mind. Started with only one employee in a temporary office in the Ondernemershuis in Mechelen, Datashift was literally built up from scratch. In only 8 years we have grown to a solid team of over 80 experienced consultants based in a completely renovated office in the heart of Mechelen. Since 2022, we have spread out with an additional office in Leuven and in 2023 we also made the step towards Ghent.

    In order to be a data partner for our clients, we substantially expanded our breadth of services and expertise over the years. We keep on evolving with the market, the changing needs of our customers and the technological evolutions .

    Although Datashift is a fast-growing company, we’ve always kept the same recipe: taking excellent care of our customers and our people, everything else is secondary!

Growing with our team and clients

  • Our Team

    0 regretted loss*

    Our growth as professional and individual is a cornerstone at Datashift. It is far more than training. In our way of collaboration, providing feedback and our day-to-day decision-making, we ask ourselves:

    • Is this decision making our team stronger & better?
    • Is this decision something scalable & adjustable?


    * A ‘regretted loss’ would be a colleague leaving for reasons that relate to a lack of support, unclarity, collaboration or lack of alignment on perspective. Our main internal objective is to keep our ‘regretted loss’ at 0.

  • Our Objectives

    >90% returning

    We approach each of our clients as a long-term relationship. We believe in a common journey, strong communication and growing together. We think about:

    • Is this decision beneficial for our clients? Any downsides? 
    • Does this decision lead to real business outcomes?
  • Our Clients

    >50% YOY growth

    We substantially expanded our breadth of services and expertise over the years and keep on evolving with the market, the changing needs of our customers and technological evolutions.

    • Does this fit our DNA & values?
    • Does it support our goal to become the best data partner?
    • Does this decision create value? 
    • Risk & Opportunities?

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