Who are we?

We are a team of business thinkers, united by our passion for Data & AI and value creation.

How we can help your organisation target the right topics

Prioritization & roadmap /  Strategic execution /  Data organization


Prioritization & roadmap

Our clients often ask us, We believe data is the new oil, but we don’t see the impact of our data & AI efforts on the overall company results?” or “Everyone is talking about AI, should we do something with it?”

We start by understanding your key business challenges and their current value impact. We then identify areas how data and AI can address these challenges, leading to the creation of a strategic data roadmap. This roadmap, together with a corresponding use case list and value-based prioritization, aligns with your overall company strategy, challenges, and Data, IT and Digital capability roadmaps. Our Datashift experts bring industry-specific and business domain expertise to guide you effectively.

Strategic execution

Clients who have identified the right business topics often ask, "How can we implement this to maximize value and Return on Investment?"

Our goal is to create a direct impact on business KPIs through advanced analytics and AI. We assist in building an mvp solution, and initially prove its value through in-market experimentation. If succesfull, we guide the scaling of the solution into the business processes and systems, directly impacting employees, customers, and partners. This process leads to fully adopted A.I. data products that are automated, integrated, reliable business-owned, and continuously maximizing value.

Data organization

We help organization build or restructure their data & AI organization and establish strategic governance. Clients often ask, "How should we organize ourselves to maximize value creation?"

We navigate through modern buzzwords like data mesh, data products, federated data organizations, and data literacy to help find an organizational and process blueprint tailored to your specific context. The topics we address depend on your organization's unique needs. For instance, we can guide you in building or restructuring a data organization, identifying the necessary skills to go beyond report building. We can advise on how to engage business stakeholders effectively and enable you to establish governance structures needed to target the right topics and prove value.

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It is unfortunate to see organizations not reaping the full benefits of data & AI, despite substantial investments. We firmly believe that shifting focus towards the ‘last mile’ can prevent the frustration and lack of impact that often accompanies the initial 90% of implementation investments.

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Stefaan Decramer
Director Datashift Strategy