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Working together, we help you achieve your ambitions and deploy your data to impact your business.

To achieve impact together, we combine deep business knowledge with strong data analytics and technological know-how. With passion, professionalism, respect and an eagerness to positively impact a company's ambition and results, we focus on delivering solutions that answer business questions with data and facts.

We offer our expertise on 4 data driven domains


Business analytics

Business Analytics is the art of combining, analyzing, and applying data to generate actionable insights and get the most value out of your data.

Data governance

Making unstructured data understandable and managed by creating a data catalog that contains business term definitions and ownership.

Data science & Engineering

Applying algorithms to your data based on machine learning principles to make data-driven predictions and optimizations.

Artifical Intelligence & Intelligent Automation

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in machines. These systems can than be used to support decision making or to automate complex systems.

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What our customers say

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Working with Datashift has proven to be an excellent experience. Their data expertise provided us with valuable insights and data-driven solutions which have helped us make informed decisions and improve our business outcome. They collaborated with different stakeholders to better understand processes, dare to challenge in order to clearly define problem statements, before performing the required data analysis. Thanks to Datashift's high-quality data profiles, we were able to turn data into real business value.

Wouter Duerinck
Head of Client Data Analytics

I have been working with Nico and his team since 4 years. I must say that we built a very fruitful partnership. I really appreciate the efficiency of the Datashift team and the openness to discuss and solve issues.

Dimitri Devlamminck
Head of CoE Data Governance
BNP Paribas Fortis

Together with the data engineers of datashift we have build several data marts that are ready to use. What differentiates datashift data engineers from the rest is they also have a business mindset next to their board technical expertise. Working together was always a fun experience in a nice atmosphere.

Veerle Liebaut
Data, Insights and Analytics manager

From understanding the power of data for our organisation to realizing an impact with concrete dashboards and analysis, Datashift helped us from the start in our data journey. I especially appreciate their pragmatic, flexible and transparent way of working.

Ken Rottiers
Digital Project Manager
Messer Western-Europe

We worked together with the Datashift team on the implementation of Collibra. They gave us perspective how to implement the system, deep expertise on the configuration of the operating model. Furthermore, they shared best practices and experience how to define the basics. We enjoyed the collaboration with the team members and we learned a lot.

Gabriella Szabóné
Data Governance Project Manager
OTP Bank

I can always rely on positive minded colleagues from Datashift that are willing to put in the extra mile, think with us about solutions to problems and keep questioning our priorities so that we are pushed to think about added value. Working with Datashift is not only hiring an extra pair of hands, it's an investment to become a better company ourselves.

Angel Albedalejo Jimenez
IT Data Manager
FCR Media

Datashift has been a great partner in our data intelligence journey. They were not only operational on day 1 thanks to their impressive Collibra expertise, also throughout the project, they have proactively shared their experience and provide guidance on the best ways to make data work. They have demonstrated great flexibility and stakeholder management during our governance project.

Arthur Burkhardt
Data & Knowledge Management Lead

Working together with Datashift for several years in different capabilities, in my current role I reached out to help bringing tangible results with Data Governance. From day 1 the team showed great commitment to make it happen. There was a clear focus on concrete results whilst sharing their experience and expertise. Pragmatism, flexibility and transparency are not consulting slogans but are truly cornerstones of the Datashift way of working. It is a privilege to have a partner as Datashift on our Data Governance journey.

Koenraad D’Hondt
Data Architecture & Governance CoE Lead

At an incredible pace, Datashift geared us up with the required architecture, knowledge and tools to be able to steer our business with insights. They easily switched in priorities when the business needed different focus and clearly understood the importance of a hands-on approach at the start, evolving into a strategic and future proof data roadmap later on. The dynamic and experienced 'Datashifters' easily blended into our team and were vital for our desired commercial success.

Bart Van Den Langenbergh
Head of Marketing & Sales

Datashift stands for a hands-on, no-nonsense approach. We can always count on their extensive expertise, their helicopter vision and their structured and determined actions. Moreover, they are external colleagues who fit in perfectly with the team and are always prepared to go that extra mile. An indispensable support for our daily business!

Jason Valgaerts
Commex Manager EUMS Cluster countries
Zambon NV/SA

We have been working together with Datashift since 2018 and they have successfully helped us with the adoption of Collibra in our organisation. Their expertise in designing and implementing workflows was particularly helpful for a number of use cases. For example, our Data Processing Register, our Policy Documents and our Business Glossary are all efficiently managed with the help of workflows. All in all, every single member of their team that we have worked with has provided tremendous support to our data governance initiative.

Joran Schaap
Data Governance Office
BNG Bank

Working together with Datashift has helped us gain insight into our business processes and make data accessible to our organization. Datashift is a reliable data partner who thoroughly understands our needs. We can count on professional cooperation built on mutual respect and trust, whether it relates to daily operations or tailor-made advice on data governance and strategy. This partnership transcends the customer-supplier level: it's a pleasure to work with Datashift.

Tinne Tack
Manager Business Intelligence
Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen

What matters for us is using data smart to continue growing our business and in the mean time keeping total cost of ownership reasonable. Datashift immediately understood our industry, current technological landscape and organizational challenges. They proved to be able to bring value as of day 1. And they do it in style: positive, enthusiastic and transparent. A partnership as it should be.

Koen Moermans
Business Analytics Coordinator

It is such a pleasure working with a partner that delivers high quality work on our Collibra implementation, but also functions as a sparring partner to help us push our Data Governance initiative further.

Zenobie Verkijk
Data Governance Specialist
BNG Bank

Leading a business intelligence project that touches all of our businesses, requires specific expertise. We asked Datashift to take up the challenge and they made it a success: high quality, timeline respected and 5% below budget. What’s more to ask?

Bart Vervenne

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