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Upon general request: six years of Datashift, three more lessons learned.

Two weeks ago, we posted a blog article about the three lessons we’ve learned in the past six years of Datashift. We received such great responses to our list of “don’ts,” I decided to share with you a list of three “do’s.” So, back by popular demand, here are another three important lessons six years of Datashift have taught us.

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Six years of Datashift, three lessons learned

Datashift’s story started on January 15th, 2015. From the get-go, it was clear we wanted to do great things with Datashift. But building a company from the ground up is never a straight line. There are bumps in the road, highs, and lows, but most importantly: lessons learned. As we celebrate six years of Datashift, I'd like to take a look back and share exactly some of those lessons.

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How to build a churn prediction model that actually works

The truth is, predicting churn is easy. The hardest part is making it actionable. With this approach you’ll retain only your valuable customers that are about to churn, with a personalized retention action at the right time.

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5 ways to leverage your existing data with minimal effort

Do most data blogs make you feel like everything you should do is expensive, time consuming and requires complex skills? Well, this blog is different. Here are 5 practical recommendations (in no particular order) to leverage your existing business data with less effort than you think.

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