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Laying the groundwork for a modern data platform

Whenever we work on a project for a client, one of our concerns is to deliver a solution that stands the test of time. Check out how we worked with a client to lay the groundwork for a modern data platform using a Cloud-first strategy, moving infrastructure to a cloud-computing platform.

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Why a lightweight cloud analytics lab goes hand in hand with your BI environment

As your traditional BI environment bumps up against its limits, a lightweight cloud analytics lab can serve as a complement and as a first step in building a future-proof modern data platform. Check out three reasons to level up your current data architecture.

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How can AI & ML strengthen data governance practices?

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies have been on the rise throughout several industries. But what about AI & ML in data governance? What developments can strengthen data governance practices, and how will they most likely do that? And what is possible today?

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How to move your on-premises data warehouse into the cloud

Moving an on-premises data warehouse into the cloud can be daunting. Check out how we developed a tailor-made approach to navigate our client’s cloud migration challenges and deliver a cost-effective and future-proof Azure cloud environment.

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Kick-starting your data governance track with Collibra automation

Back in November 2020, we published a blog post clarifying why Collibra is the best data governance tool. As automation is becoming a native Collibra capability, Collibra continues to lead the pack.

Curious to know what Collibra automation is capable of, and how it helps you kick-start your data governance track?

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The future of Data Quality & Collibra DQ

We polled our Collibra consultant Evert on Collibra DQ, the newest extension to the Collibra data intelligence platform. How does Evert see the future of Collibra DQ and Data Quality in general? And what are the most significant opportunities for Collibra DQ, in his opinion?

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Is Data Warehousing still relevant for your business?

The technology behind data warehousing has been around for a while. And yet, there are quite a few companies that haven’t made the switch so far. High time to take a closer look at some of data warehousing’s unique advantages and discuss how to set your priorities.

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How it all began: three moments that needed to happen before Datashift could happen

On January 15th 2015, 7 years ago, Datashift was born. Ever since then, the company has been growing quickly. The past seven years have not been without its challenges, but Datashift has managed to survive the delicate “baby stage”, it has lived through the “terrible two’s” and is now well on its way to go through those early teen years successfully. But Datashift’s birth and subsequent successes wouldn’t have happened if other things didn’t happen first in CEO Nico Huybrechts’ life. “There are three moments that were pure luck, but looking back, they were the catalyst for Datashift.”

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Power BI vs. Tableau: what’s your best choice?

Power BI and Tableau are genuine top-tier challengers. But which BI tool is the best one for your business? Based on their field experience, our BI consultants have their own points of view and favorites. Check out the candid opinion of 3 Datashift consultants.

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