Microsoft Power BI

Fabric Default Semantic Models: One for all, all for one!

One of the exciting new features of Microsoft Fabric is the introduction of Default Semantic Models for Lakehouses and Warehouses. A semantic model is the former Power BI dataset. It represents data ready for reporting, visualization, discovery and consumption. While it used to be only available in Power BI, you can now build this model directly in Fabric using your tables from the Lakehouse or Warehouse. We explain how this works and why this is exciting news!

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Enhancing data validation processes with Microsoft Fabric

If you want to extract value from your data, there is one condition you cannot overlook: leveraging data to gain insights and support decisions is virtually impossible without a timely and well-scoped data validation. That’s precisely where event-driven data processing and Microsoft Fabric come in.

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Microsoft Fabric is general available, when and why should you care?

With the general availability of Microsoft Fabric, the new reservation pricing model, and a wave of newly released features, the platform is ready to be deployed in your organization. But how what is the impact of deploying a product like Fabric? Why should you or your organisation care?

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