Microsoft Azure

Fabric Default Semantic Models: One for all, all for one!

One of the exciting new features of Microsoft Fabric is the introduction of Default Semantic Models for Lakehouses and Warehouses. A semantic model is the former Power BI dataset. It represents data ready for reporting, visualization, discovery and consumption. While it used to be only available in Power BI, you can now build this model directly in Fabric using your tables from the Lakehouse or Warehouse. We explain how this works and why this is exciting news!

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How Hyperscale comes to the rescue when troubleshooting Azure SQL Server performance

What to do when facing performance issues with your ETL workflows processing data for loading your Data Warehouse in Azure SQL Server? Let’s dive into how we troubleshooted such performance issues and how Hyperscale came to the rescue.

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Get ready for the future. Meet Azure Synapse.

A traditional data warehouse setup is no longer up to the many data challenges ahead. If you want to get ready for the future, regardless of the amount of data you are dealing with, you should check out Azure Synapse. This data analytics environment combines all components of a modern data platform.

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How to move your on-premises data warehouse into the cloud

Moving an on-premises data warehouse into the cloud can be daunting. Check out how we developed a tailor-made approach to navigate our client’s cloud migration challenges and deliver a cost-effective and future-proof Azure cloud environment.

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