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Future-proof your business with a modern data platform

As your business collects an ever-growing amount of data, the role of your data platform becomes increasingly important. To manage exponential data growth successfully and future-proof your business, you need a modern data platform that maximizes the value for your entire organization.

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How to manage your Microsoft Azure costs like a pro

The total cost of ownership of your Microsoft Azure environment can easily spin out of control if not managed well. Don't look any further, in this post we show you both passive and active ways to stay on top of your cloud costs at all times.

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Azure Data Factory vs on-premise ETL tools

Choosing the right ETL tool for your company is a complex task. Both Azure Data Factory and on-premise tools have their strengths and weaknesses. It's important to understand the parameters and nuances involved to pick the right tool for the job. In this article we'll clarify the key differences and help you make the right decision for your business.

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Microsoft Azure Data Factory as a must-consider alternative for on-premise ETL – tools

When using cloud-based technology your data is processed, stored and maintained in the cloud and not on a physical server at your organization.

This means that no infrastructure is necessary for the set-up and you don’t need to worry about system maintenance. This helps in saving resources (time and money) at the start of a project which can be used to understand requirements of the business. Your cloud solution will also be more adaptable to changing situations : newer features can be added easily and up-scaling is only one click away. By the hand of the different data security protocols and features, you can sleep soundly that your data will be secure in the cloud.

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