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What an event-driven architecture brings to the table to solve your data ingestion challenges

Before you can generate insights from your data, you need to move those data from an operational to an analytical environment - a process commonly referred to as data ingestion. An event-driven architecture provides an elegant way to achieve a process marked by timeliness, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

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How a data hub helps you step up customer engagement

A modern data platform makes integrating new services and empowering new use cases easier than ever. A data hub that provides your salespeople and service engineers with actionable customer data straight from your data platform is an excellent example of what you can achieve with modest effort.

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Who knows who: from Hollywood to Flanders

In this sequel on graph analysis we try to find connections between different actors and movies they played in. Some of the links are not obvious at first glance, e.g., what is the connection between Zendaya and Audrey Hepburn? Will Smith and Chris Rock? Xander De Rycke and Steven Spielberg? Andy Peelman and Steven Seagal? The method to find out those links is the Dijskstra shortest path algorithm.

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Movie star popularity based on graph analysis

The internet exists out of an endless pool of raw data, not all data is worth the effort to analyse. But our colleague Jens saw that the Internet movie database (IMDb) was a diamond in the rough waiting to be mined. So, he did what every curious Data Scientist would do, he rolled up his sleeves and got to work. He used graph analysis to investigate the popularity of actors, actresses, and directors.

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