Applied AI

Is my chatbot ready for production?

Large Language Model (LLM) applications are everywhere. From chatbots, to webscraping tools and even the usage of LLM's to automate administrative tasks completely. All of this cutting-edge technology, obviously, has the potential for enormous business impact. However, can we prove that our investments in this technology are driving value? When is the performance of these applications "good-enough"?

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How to get Generative AI working in your business

Unfortunately generative AI and Large Language Models are not an universal solution to all our problems. But how can you create impact with it in your business?

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The state of large language models – Where are we now? A business perspective

For businesses contemplating their entry into the realm of AI, the advice is straightforward: start today!

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Is the Generative AI hype real? A look at the AI Gartner Hype Cycle

Everyone has heard about the potential AI has in transforming industries and domains, as well as the world as a whole...  But is this hype real?

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