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Data governance for banks: From defense to offense

When a football team is struggling to win games and a new manager is appointed, the first thing they aim to improve is often the defense. This makes sense... you can’t win games if you’re conceding 5 goals every game. Banks often tackle data governance in the same fashion, because of data regulations. But we want to encourage them to not stop there and go from defense to offense.

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How to build a Data Governance end-user community

What is the most challenging part of a Data Governance program? We believe that getting your organization to participate in the program and creating buy-in is the most challenging obstacle on your road to success. In this article we focus on the question: How to build a thriving Data Governance end-user community?

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5 reasons for an IT auditor to become a Data Governance Consultant

If you’ve been part of IT audit engagements over the past years, there’s no doubt you’ve developed such professional qualities while working behind the scenes in IT departments. But what if you could work with your clients in project mode and build on those skills to solve their business issues? Let me give you five reasons to become a Data Governance Consultant at Datashift!

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The 5 ingredients of a successful data strategy

Many organizations struggle with ongoing data issues and are missing the opportunity to use data as a means to profoundly impact their business. What's usually missing is a comprehensive data strategy. Let's have a look at the 5 ingredients a successful long-term data strategy can't do without.

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