Data Governance Tool

Why Collibra is the best data governance tool

Data governance is no longer optional. Businesses are on a path to data-driven decision-making and privacy laws are dictating the need for data integrity, security and compliancy. Choosing the right data governance software is an essential part of the road to data mastery. In this article we discuss why we believe Collibra is the best data governance tool in the market.

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Monitoring data quality just got easier with Soda

Soda is a new kid on the block when it comes to data quality. It excels in making it easy for business users to monitor the health of their data, enabling them to define data quality rules without a high level of technical knowledge.

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Kick-starting your data governance track with Collibra automation

Back in November 2020, we published a blog post clarifying why Collibra is the best data governance tool. As automation is becoming a native Collibra capability, Collibra continues to lead the pack. Curious to know what Collibra automation is capable of, and how it helps you kick-start your data governance track?

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