How to protect sensitive customer data without a single line of code

Collibra Protect is a new solution enabling you to create and manage data access policies centrally and then implement these policies in your data warehouse without a single line of code!

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Four essential steps to build a game-changing data marketplace

Learn more from our experience implementing the Collibra Data Marketplace at some of our clients.

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[drumbeats] Collibra’s Workflow Designer enters the stage

Let’s dive into this exciting new product and discuss its many benefits for data professionals like you.

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Why Collibra is the best data governance tool

Data governance is no longer optional. Businesses are on a path to data-driven decision-making and privacy laws are dictating the need for data integrity, security and compliancy. Choosing the right data governance software is an essential part of the road to data mastery. In this article we discuss why we believe Collibra is the best data governance tool in the market.

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