Collibra how to

How to protect sensitive customer data without a single line of code

Collibra Protect is a new solution enabling you to create and manage data access policies centrally and then implement these policies in your data warehouse without a single line of code!

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Four essential steps to build a game-changing data marketplace

Learn more from our experience implementing the Collibra Data Marketplace at some of our clients.

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Power BI & Collibra: one step closer to heaven

As Microsoft released new APIs and Collibra has kept up with numerous new developments, the integration between Power BI and Collibra offers several new possibilities. Check out more details and download our guide with tricks and tips to facilitate this new integration.

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How to import an Excel or CSV through the Collibra API

A thriving Collibra instance is populated with a wide spectrum of data such as business terms, policies, code values, metadata of schemas, tables & columns, …. To keep Collibra relevant within an organization, this data needs to be accurate and up-to-date. Collibra provides tools like Collibra Catalog and the Collibra API to automatically import data with a set frequency.

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