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Starting with Data - Done right
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This is a Datashift podcast for everyone that wants to know more about data, its impact and significance. By means of short episodes our experts guide you, and in each season we zoom in on a different area in the realm of data. You will learn some practical knowledge on how to get more impact out of your data.

Every episode includes a Datashift expert👨‍💻, the devil's advocate 👿, a data fact ✅, a metaphor 📖and MC Hammer🔨. Beneath you have an overview of the episodes which you can directly listen. Or just listen to them directly on your favorite podcast app.

Season 1 | Starting with Data Governance with Gorik Desmet

Episode 1 | Why you should start with Data Governance

We have all been part of organizations that have mountains of data. Some say, We have managed data for years without strict Governance. So, why the fuss now? Gorik Desmet explains why starting with Data Governance is crucial in 2024.

Episode 2 | Why choosing a Data Governance framework is a necessity

All data governance frameworks are basically the same! Or not? Gorik Desmet explores why you have to choose and explains why it is a bit like taking the right pair of shoes with you on your vacation.

Episode 3 | Why Excel probably isn't the right Data Governance Tool for you

Oh Excel, what a versatile tool... You can do anything with it! Even Data Governance! Or not? Gorik Desmet explains why Excel, Confluence or Sharepoint aren't the right Data Governance tools (although they are sometimes used for that matter).

Episode 4 | Why you better start small when starting with Data Governance

Just invest in the latest tech for data management, and voila – Data Governance will automatically fall into place! Or not? Gorik Desmet explains that investing in Data Governance shouldn't be a big bang and gives examples on how you can do that.

Episode 5 | Why you should start Data Governance with a Shift Left approach

Shift-left is just another industry buzzword. Isn't it just the same as traditional methods, just with a fancier name! Or not? Gorik Desmet dives into this method to integrate Data Governance into the day to day operations of your organisation.

Hungry for more? We already planning another season, which will probably in the realm of Artificial Intelligence! Follow the podcast if you don't want to miss it!

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