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Starting at Datashift through the years

Embarking on a career journey at Datashift is more than just starting a job, it's a transformative experience. Colleagues who started in different years share their unique stories of growth, challenges, and triumphs within Datashift's dynamic and supportive environment.

Martijn, working at Datashift since 2017

"I joined Datashift in 2017, before the formal bootcamp era, undergoing an intensive training program that provided immense support from colleagues, facilitating a strong entry into the data consultancy world. My initial project focused on Data Governance & Collibra, requiring substantial autonomy and resourcefulness in navigating this new terrain.

Over the years, I progressed steadily within Datashift, evolving from an analyst on significant projects to assuming leadership roles in smaller, more specialized Collibra projects. This journey culminated in my current role as a manager overseeing data governance projects, a testament to both personal growth and the support I received.

The guidance I initially received at Datashift was collaborative and ad-hoc, evolving into a more structured mentorship while preserving our core values focussed on teamwork. The organization has transformed into a more professional entity without sacrificing its distinctive familial culture.

I wholeheartedly recommend Datashift for anyone starting their career in the data industry. Despite the seven-year transformation, the organization's core values have remained consistent, reflecting the enduring spirit of camaraderie. Datashift, with its tagline "Achieve. Impact. Together," has been instrumental in my continuous growth, offering unwavering support and a shared commitment to enduring values in the dynamic field of data consultancy."

Kevin, working at Datashift since 2018

"In 2018, when I joined Datashift, they were experimenting with their first bootcamp. Despite room for improvement, it accelerated my data literacy, especially considering my background in Economics and Maritime Sciences where data wasn't part of the curriculum – a job well done!

Within a few months, I was assigned a T1 mentor, and with their guidance and support from others at Datashift, I not only gained technical skills but also developed soft skills. This included effective communication with clients and colleagues, utilizing internal knowledge sharing for project success, and learning valuable lessons on what not to do. Over four years, I progressed from an Analyst to a Senior Consultant, engaging in diverse Data Governance projects for clients and internal initiatives like knowledge sharing sessions, sports activities, and events.

The Datashift culture played a pivotal role in helping me define and achieve personal and work goals. It fosters an environment where you can grow both professionally and personally, and the company actively supports you in reaching your aspirations. Ultimately, Datashift not only advanced my career but also brought me great friends, making each day a pleasure to work with them. If you're starting your career, I highly recommend Datashift for its supportive culture and the opportunities it offers for both professional and personal development."

Veerle, working at Datashift since 2019

"I first encountered Datashift at a job fair, and their approach immediately resonated with me. The emphasis on knowledge sharing, teamwork, self-improvement, and creating an impact were not just principles but also integral to the bootcamp, which was organized and conducted by fellow colleagues. Datashift fosters an environment where you have responsibilities but can always rely on colleagues for insights, knowledge, or sparring sessions.

This unique atmosphere played a crucial role in my skill and knowledge development, shaping me into the consultant I am today. The balance of autonomy and collaboration at Datashift has been instrumental in my growth. I found immense satisfaction in sharing my knowledge with new colleagues, and exactly one year after starting at Datashift with the bootcamp, I had the opportunity to become a teacher on the same bootcamp, a full-circle moment that highlighted my journey of continuous learning and contribution. The supportive and collaborative culture at Datashift not only helped me thrive but also allowed me to contribute to the growth of others in the organization."

Denis, working at Datashift since 2020

"Starting at Datashift amid the challenges of the Covid pandemic was a unique experience, particularly during the insightful bootcamp weeks where I learned from expert colleagues. The on-site exposure to their day-to-day projects and navigating tools and systems provided enriching insights. Forming a close-knit group with peers during the bootcamp facilitated continuous learning and support as we transitioned to our respective projects.

Beginning as an analyst at a major Belgian bank was a significant step, contributing to a data governance program that went live just four months after I joined. With strong support from senior colleagues, I progressed to the role of a senior consultant. Managing complex projects and handling multiple clients during this time allowed for substantial professional growth, acquiring the technical and business skills necessary for advancement. Datashift further supported my development by providing an opportunity to work on a project in the United Kingdom, marking a new phase in my career.

Datashift's support in this journey came through active involvement in client projects, off-project challenges, skill development, and goal-setting. The T1 mentor provided close follow-up on my overall development, beyond day-to-day projects, discussing internal initiatives and long-term career goals. Regular knowledge-sharing sessions within my domain and accessible colleagues, including the CEO, for quick chats or questions, added to the supportive environment.

I would recommend Datashift to anyone starting their career because it empowers individuals to take control of their professional development. The tools and people around you offer opportunities for growth, and the company culture, filled with ambitious, friendly, and professional individuals, creates an ideal environment. Working with major organizations internationally provides valuable insights into diverse working methods, strategies, and cultures. Additionally, the combination of impactful work, engaging colleagues, and memorable Datashift events makes it an exceptional place to kickstart a career."

Sophie, working at Datashift since 2021

"Joining Datashift two years ago, right after completing my university education, was a pivotal moment. The immersive two-week bootcamp experience, shared with seven other recent graduates, provided a comprehensive introduction to the world of data and consultancy. Since then, my responsibilities have expanded significantly – I transitioned from working with a single client on data governance to assisting multiple clients and actively contributing to various internal initiatives, spanning marketing, recruitment, and organizing knowledge-sharing sessions.

What sets Datashift apart is its supportive environment and culture of empowerment. This unique atmosphere has allowed me to pursue my interests while honing my expertise in data governance. The company actively encourages continuous learning, and I've been able to participate in various learning opportunities that have contributed to my professional development.

I wholeheartedly recommend Datashift to those embarking on their careers. The blend of hands-on experience, ongoing learning opportunities, and a nurturing environment for personal and professional growth make Datashift an ideal platform to kickstart a fulfilling career journey. The company's commitment to supporting its employees in pursuing their passions and expanding their skill sets creates a truly rewarding and dynamic work environment."

Astrid, working at Datashift since 2022

"The moment I stepped into Datashift, the company's unique culture became evident. The immersive 2-week bootcamp for young grads, like being back at school again for a few weeks, had colleagues generously sharing their expertise on BI, Data Governance, and more. Post-bootcamp, I seamlessly transitioned into a project, paired with a buddy, and three months later, gained a T1 (career mentor). Since then, I've been actively encouraged and guided to develop new skills, take initiative, and assume increasing responsibilities.

The standout aspect is the collective willingness of every colleague to offer assistance when needed, coupled with a strong emphasis on knowledge sharing. This culture has created an environment where continuous learning and improvement are not just encouraged but ingrained. If you resonate with the culture and values I've described, I wholeheartedly recommend considering Datashift for your career journey. It's a place where personal and professional growth is not just a goal but a shared commitment, making it an ideal choice for those who value collaboration, continuous learning, and a supportive work environment."

Tim, working at Datashift since 2023

"My adventure at Datashift began immediately after graduating from university, joining eight other colleagues in an immersive bootcamp that delved into the diverse world of data. The bootcamp covered fundamentals across Datashift's expertise, spanning data governance, business intelligence, and machine learning. Post-bootcamp, I swiftly transitioned into my first project, where I continued to learn and was entrusted with individual responsibilities, opening up further avenues for growth.

The learning experience was enriched by close collaboration with other Datashift colleagues, fostering a culture of teamwork and effective problem-solving. This hands-on approach to learning, coupled with the dynamic environment, made my journey at Datashift both challenging and rewarding. The company's commitment to providing continuous learning opportunities and individual responsibilities contributed significantly to my professional development.

For those who relish new challenges and value hands-on learning experiences, I highly recommend starting your career journey at Datashift. The combination of a comprehensive bootcamp, diverse projects, and a supportive environment makes Datashift an ideal place to embark on a career, offering a unique blend of skill development, collaboration, and problem-solving opportunities."