Our CEO shares insights on data driven business strategies in new book

7 June 2021
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In his recently published book ‘12 digital technologies that change the world’, journalist Filip Michiels illustrates how new technology impacts businesses. He asked our CEO Nico Huybrechts to share his insights on data driven business strategies and the impact big data has on these strategies.

Filip Michiels claims that every company will at one point become at least partially data-driven. To support this idea, he interviewed various data specialists for a chapter dedicated to the impact of big data on businesses.

Strategy is key

Nico stresses that businesses need a broad strategy which focuses on both high-quality data and a shift in business organisation and mindset. “It’s a misconception that this has to be a long and slow process. Useful data is often already present, and a well-developed business strategy can put that data into use. But this strategy is different for every company, and we help them develop it to fit their needs.”

“Automation based on big data can be used to maximize efficiency profits, but algorithms do not always make the best decisions based on that information,” Nico argues.

Someone who knows both the context and business thoroughly will always make the best decisions, because he or she does not blindly follow the data.

12 technologies that change the world

Big data is only one of twelve topics that author Filip Michiels covers in his book, which was published by Lannoo at the end of May 2021. Technologies like block-chain, augmented reality and robotization are all discussed across over 200 pages, including interviews with other Belgian specialists such as Nico. You can order the book here.