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Hot off the press - How Datashift helped Essentiel become more data-driven

How we helped our client ESSENTIEL Antwerp evolve to a data driven organization, is something we like to show off. We have been collaborating with Essentiel since 2018 and it's been quite a journey. Operating on the same scale as Essentiel we could really grab their underlying needs and find a way to make an impact on the way they run their business. We helped developing a suiting Business Intelligence solution, but as well recommendations on business structure and creating a data culture.

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The 5 characteristics of purple people - and why Datashift loves to have them

In the technology sector, purple people are a much sought-after profile. They’re the kind of people who are the perfect blend of business knowledge and technical skills. At Datashift, we keep our eye out for this type of “purple people”. But even more so, we look for the other kind; the kind that is described in the children’s book ‘The World Needs More Purple People’ by Kristen Bell. These purple people have a set of specific characteristics that make them really valuable in every organization.

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FCR Media and Datashift in the spotlight

Our close collaboration with FCR Media is put in the spotlight! We teamed up with FCR Media in their journey to the cloud and are very happy to share this article by KMOInsider.

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What a difference our first year at Datashift made!

In September 2020, Denis, Thomas and Wouter started working at Datashift and successfully succeeded the famous "Datashift bootcamp". In this article they share with us why their first year of working at Datashift made such a massive difference to their professional development, summarized in 5 key reasons.

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