Datashift is a Sports Company

12 May 2023
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It wasn't a complete surprise for the people that know Datashift well, but we have obtained the label 'Sports Company 2023'. Proud to see that our efforts are translated into a physical reward. Datashift is a sports company at heart; it is simply in our DNA. We see sport as a way to form a group and foster team spirit. From the early years, playing sports together and setting goals together has been part of our inner workings. Some more challenging and competitive than others, but always with and for the entire team. 

As the company has grown, so has our Datasport... But the same goal remains.

Here are 7 reasons why Datashift is a sports company:

1. Datasport is a household name within Datashift, a group of colleagues joining hands to bring fun activities to the entire group. Sometimes a tournament, sometimes a challenge, but always with the aim of getting Datashift playing sports.
2. This autumn, as many as 12 of Datashift's 70 employees will run a marathon together; they are training for this together.
3. During our annual Datatrip, we always have an up and coming sports day. Everyone remembers cycling over the Bredene dyke, Suppen, surfing and beach volleyball in 2021 and Rafting, rock climbing and obstacle course in 2022.
4. Half of Datashift has signed up for the afterwork padel tournament that has started this spring.
5. Our Datasport day in May has brought together an unseen number of colleagues on a Saturday to run, cycle and exercise together.
6. Datashift is actively engaged in the Mobility Week.
7. Datashift was also sporty and active during the corona period, challenges were set from our challenge for walkers, a steps challenge runners. This period was largely experienced together sportively.

Datashift has actually been a sports company for 8 years and that will only get stronger.