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Knaldrang bij Datashift: “We willen 50 procent groeien”

Adviesbureau Datashift wil het komende jaar 50 procent groeien. Dat maakte het bedrijf bekend tijdens het eigen ‘Get Back Together’-evenement. Om dat mogelijk te maken is de Mechelse dataspecialist op zoek naar meer dan dertig uiteenlopende profielen. Bovendien zijn er plannen voor satellietkantoren en staan er verschillende activiteiten op de agenda om ondernemerschap te stimuleren.

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Proud on this cooperation with Febiac and VBO. Perfect example of an end-to-end data-driven solution using cloud technology AWS.

Mobility is a crucial challenge for our society. It contributes to economic prosperity and also plays an essential role in the climate objectives. But do we have all the necessary tools to analyze our mobility? For example: How much does traffic congestion cost on an annual basis? Or which rail routes have the most delays? We helped to turn those questions into practical insights based on publicly accessible data sources from various mobility and (public) transport organizations.

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Hot off the press - How Datashift helped Essentiel become more data-driven

How we helped our client ESSENTIEL Antwerp evolve to a data driven organization, is something we like to show off. We have been collaborating with Essentiel since 2018 and it's been quite a journey. Operating on the same scale as Essentiel we could really grab their underlying needs and find a way to make an impact on the way they run their business. We helped developing a suiting Business Intelligence solution, but as well recommendations on business structure and creating a data culture.

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FCR Media and Datashift in the spotlight

Our close collaboration with FCR Media is put in the spotlight! We teamed up with FCR Media in their journey to the cloud and are very happy to share this article by KMOInsider.

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