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28 March 2024
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As a broad data partner, Datashift guides companies on how they can make a difference with data. This applies to analytics & AI, decision-making, governance, and automation.

Datashift has been achieving this for 9 years by supporting the use of data in all its facets with its customers. A successful formula, as Datashift has grown into a company of more than 100 data enthusiasts in recent years.

At the forefront of our operations is a close relationship with our customers. This is a requirement to understand what really makes a difference and to focus on how we can create the greatest possible impact with data. Not from one specific technology or one perspective. But precisely from a combination of expertise across different industries. Various expertise always with a view to the future, working together on a data-driven solution. This leads to better decisions, more efficient processes, and the application of new insights in practice.

At Datashift, we look at the management, quality, and integration of data in the customer’s daily processes. Datashift is fully aware of the human impact on such processes. Building the right culture and skills is essential. Datashift shares its expertise and can offer complete solutions by having all knowledge in-house.

We guide our customers throughout the entire project. From the design of the solution to its implementation and operationalization. Not advice from the sidelines, but together with and embedded in the teams of our customer. Business and IT. As far as we are concerned, a requirement if you stand for future-oriented solutions that effectively find their way into practice. And find their way to integration into the existing technological landscape.

Technology is not an end in itself here. We always start from the current technological context and the business goal. The technological choice is a consequence, not a predetermined fact. For this, we bring the necessary technical expertise on board, aware of recent technological developments.

Creating growth and progress together for companies by using their data well, that’s what it’s all about at Datashift.

Datashift in a nutshell

  • Founded January 15, 2015
  • Helps organizations to deal smarter and better with data
  • Grown to more than 100 employees
  • Offices in Mechelen, Leuven, and Ghent
  • Winner of the Collibra Customer Impact Partner of the Year 2021