We have some fresh Collibra rangers

26 July 2022
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We are happy to share with you that last few months we have two extra rangers among us. Both Martijn Vanhauwaert and Denis Leysen gained their knowledge working with our clients on various data governance projects. Collaborating with different experienced colleagues and a culture of knowledge sharing made it possible for our consultants to get the certificate in that amount of time.

Why is it a big deal? The Ranger Program is a training, evaluation, and certification program. It is the most comprehensive Collibra Data Governance credential that you can achieve through Collibra University. A Ranger is generally accountable for the operationalization and long-term roll-out and adoption of Collibra data governance solutions

A Ranger can look through the eyes of a steward or community manager, and knows how to configure the Collibra platform for their needs. The Ranger knows how to rollout the Collibra platform and devise strategies for wide adoption. The Ranger thinks out-of-the-box about unanticipated data use cases.

In order to demonstrate these competencies, Ranger candidates go through a number of assignments through which they build up a full ‘data governance’ portfolio and defended it to the Ranger board. Collibra University is a great way for data citizens everywhere to learn new skills and expand their data governance credentials. Regardless of where your organization is in their data governance journey, you can benefit from Collibra University.