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14 September 2022
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Why is Datashift doing this?

Many organisations struggle with leveraging the full capabilities of data. We see that there is a gap between non-data professionals and data professionals, and we believe it should be bridged to truly bring data-driven in practice. This means newcomers to data need support with the essentials on data, and data professionals need to be strengthened in collaborating with their new-to-data peers. Together you can make a real difference and reap the benefits of working data-driven.

What is it?

Datashift provides data trainings from data professionals with practical experience in different environments. Our training catalogue is oriented to data & business leaders, data professionals and newcomers to data, and provides content on a.o. Data Governance, Modern Data Platform and Business Analytics. Trainings are scheduled upfront and on registration basis.

I'm interested, what now?

Go to our training portfolio through this link!