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A Trusted Collibra Silver Partner

Datashift is the number 1 Collibra partner in EMEA

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Rest assured, you've selected the best data governance tool in the market. Collibra has revolutionized the data governance world over the past couple of years. As a trusted partner from day 1 we're very grateful to be a part of that journey. Are you looking to build a solid data governance foundation, to set up a centralized data catalog or to create a Collibra center of excellence? Datashift is the number 1 partner in EMEA.

Why work with an implementation partner?

The truth is that many data governance projects are cumbersome and complex. It takes quite some experience to avoid the common pitfalls. On top of that, for many companies it's their first attempt. That's why partnering up with a specialized data company that knows the ins and outs of data governance won't only save you a lot money, it can mean the difference between a successful project and one that fails.

Certified Collibra consultants

The Collibra Ranger Certification is the most comprehensive Data Intelligence Certificate, and we are proud to have 9 certified Collibra Rangers, the highest in Europe.

As early adopters and leaders in the field, we have dedicated over 50.000 hours to Collibra projects by August 2022, solidifying our experience and expertise. Our data consultants are not only experts in data governance and Collibra, but also possess strong business capabilities.

Our achievements have been recognized with the prestigious Collibra Customer Impact Partner of the Year award at Data Citizens ’21, further acknowledging our success in the field.

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It is such a pleasure working with a partner that delivers high quality work on our Collibra implementation, but also functions as a sparring partner to help us push our Data Governance initiative further.

Zenobie Verkijk
Data Governance Specalist, BNG Bank

Collibra use cases

Introducing Workflow as a Service 

Our solution to help you unlock the power of Collibra workflows quickly and easily. 

Book an appointment with our experienced Collibra workflow experts to discuss your requirements, and within a few weeks, we’ll develop a custom Collibra workflow for your organization. 

Enhance your data governance with ease – schedule your appointment now! Book an appointment for your custom Collibra workflow 

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