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Collibra workflows are automated series of actions that help your business users collaborate on data assets and structure your governance processes, such as creating and validating business terms or resolving issues. While many organizations have a strong need to start using workflows, they often struggle with a lack of in-house knowledge and resources to build and deploy them. If that's the case for your organization, we have excellent news. 


With our Workflow as a Service offering, you can outsource the development of your Collibra workflows. Our aim is to improve your Collibra experience by 


  • Delivering Collibra workflows fast
    • typically just a few weeks from idea until development ...
  • Delivering at a fixed price
    • ask us for a quote on your workflow idea...

All your questions bundled

  • You have all sorts of business requirements but no knowledge of Collibra or workflows
  • You have the technical requirements but no resources to deploy the workflow 
  • You want to increase the UI/UX of your Collibra platform by using workflows
  • We were Collibra Customer Impact Partner of the year 2021
  • We are one of the most experienced Collibra implementation teams in the world
  • Don't take our word for it, read our client testimonials
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Yes, we do have a free workflow on the Collibra Marketplace. You can easily download our Responsibility Notification Summary Workflow. It includes documentation and an explanatory video.

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What our clients say about our workflows

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We have been working together with Datashift since 2018 and they have successfully helped us with the adoption of Collibra in our organisation. Their expertise in designing and implementing workflows was particularly helpful for a number of use cases. For example, our Data Processing Register, our Policy Documents and our Business Glossary are all efficiently managed with the help of workflows. All in all, every single member of their team that we have worked with has provided tremendous support to our data governance initiative.

BNG Bank

We worked together with the Datashift team on the implementation of Collibra. They gave us perspective how to implement the system, deep expertise on the configuration of the operating model. Furthermore, they shared best practices and experience how to define the basics. We enjoyed the collaboration with the team members and we learned a lot.

Gabriella Szab贸n茅
Data Governance Project Manager
OTP Bank

Working together with Datashift for several years in different capabilities, in my current role I reached out to help bringing tangible results with Data Governance. From day 1 the team showed great commitment to make it happen. There was a clear focus on concrete results whilst sharing their experience and expertise. Pragmatism, flexibility and transparency are not consulting slogans but are truly cornerstones of the Datashift way of working. It is a privilege to have a partner as Datashift on our Data Governance journey.


Datashift has been a great partner in our data intelligence journey. They were not only operational on day 1 thanks to their impressive Collibra expertise, also throughout the project, they have proactively shared their experience and provide guidance on the best ways to make data work. They have demonstrated great flexibility and stakeholder management during our governance project.


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