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It's in our DNA

Datashift doesn’t have a classical organizational structure. No fixed positions, everyone is a bit of everything. We work with roles. And those roles are divided into three sub-organizations: our client delivery, knowledge, and people organization. Everyone who works at Datashift - yes, C-level, too - plays a part in those three categories. The first one is all about the projects we deliver and our clients. With the second organization, we make sure people never stop learning, and the third one is sort of a support and growth system for every person at Datashift.

At Datashift, you are not only a consultant. You’re also a tutor and a student. No one is always the head of a project, and no one is always customer support or sales. Everyone is in it together. This system of roles is the best way to give our customers and employees the best experiences. We don’t appoint someone as project leader “because he’s the head of projects”. No, we make someone a project lead because they are the perfect fit for that role in that particular project. That's how we are, our DNA.

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