Modern Data Platform

Future-proof your business with a modern data platform

As your business collects an ever-growing amount of data, the role of your data platform becomes increasingly important. To manage exponential data growth successfully and future-proof your business, you need a modern data platform that maximizes the value for your entire organization.

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How to manage your Microsoft Azure costs like a pro

The total cost of ownership of your Microsoft Azure environment can easily spin out of control if not managed well. Don't look any further, in this post we show you both passive and active ways to stay on top of your cloud costs at all times.

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5 reasons to move your BI environment to the cloud

More and more organizations are considering a move or partial move from an on-premise set-up to a cloud environment. But what's so special about the cloud? Should you migrate or not? In this blogpost we discuss 5 must-consider reasons to move your BI environment to the cloud.

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How to auto-scale your Azure SQL database in Azure Data Factory

One of the advantages of running databases on Azure SQL Database is the ability to dynamically manage them to adapt to changing workload demands. Autoscaling databases is the most cost effective way to increase performance of data operations. In this guide we'll show you how to auto scale your database using Azure Data Factory.

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