Continuous Medical Education

Actionable insights inspire a more customer-focused approach


Adapting to deliver the most relevant content

Our client develops and publishes online medical content within the framework of continuous medical education. Commissioned by the pharmaceutical industry, our client’s mission is to provide healthcare professionals with the most relevant content and insights. Continuously improving their service towards customers is an important cornerstone in this mission.

In order to help pharmaceutical companies understand how new digital content is being used by their target audience, our client needs an easy way to map out how healthcare professionals engage with this content and how they learn from it. At the same time, this information should deliver the insights that help our client to maximize the quality of their digital products and services.


Mapping future-proof information needs To transform data into a compelling visual story

As the ultimate goal of our client was to better serve its customers, the scope of this project went far beyond short-term requirements. To ensure the delivery of a high-quality project, developing a good insight in our client’s long-term strategy was a key element in our approach.

Having initiated a process of thinking along with our client, we focused on detailing both short-term and long-term priorities. This enabled us to develop an action plan which not only targets very specific short-term successes, but keeps a steady eye on the long-term perspective as well. Getting access to all data needed for a successful project delivery, proved to be vital in this process. A smooth collaboration with many different stakeholders was necessary, as well as a structured cooperation with some of our client’s partners, such as website hosting providers and the development teams of the online content platforms.

Clearly understanding our client’s long-term objectives and short-term requirements helped us map future-proof information needs. Based on these information needs, we proposed a solution that included the design of an appropriate data architecture as well as an effective data toolset. A central data hub was set up using an Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) approach with Pentaho Data Integration, to commonly integrate disparate data from various systems and applications within or external to our client’s organization. Next, interactive dashboards were developed to transform the connected data into a compelling visual story. This made it easy for our client to inform its customer on how specific online medical content is used and by whom.


Increasing our client's customers' satisfaction

The custom dashboards that we developed delivered a rich amount of actionable insights that helped our client to improve their digital products and services. Furthermore, they also proved to be instrumental in inspiring an even more customer-focused approach, guiding our client’s employees to develop the type of content and campaigns that provide the best fit with the continuous medical education needs of healthcare professionals.

The impact of the day-to-day use of these dashboards helped to shift the entire organization along a sustainable growth path, precisely because these dashboards are aligned – by design – with our client’s long-term objective to better serve its customers.

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