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Applications of Data Science and Machine Learning in Business

Dou you have a basic understanding of data science and machine learning but want some insights in how to apply this knowledge in a business context?

Much ink has been spilled about big data and AI but today there is real world value in data science and machine learning. This course introduces you to some classic and state of the art data science and machine learning techniques, applied in the real world. For example: churn prediction, customer segmentation and targeting, product recommendation, task automation, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, sentiment analysis, ...

In this training

  • We advance upon the training 'Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning’
  • Show you how to apply classic and recent data science techniques in the real-world
  • Give you practical insights and how you some specific examples in a business context

After this training

You will learn how to apply classic and recent data science methods in a business context.

This training is for

  • Data professionals that want to add machine learning to their skills
  • Data enthusiasts that want to get a grasp of these methods
  • People with basic programming skills that want to explore this field

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