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Blueprint for setting up a data team - for data and business leaders

This training focuses on what is needed to make sure your data team can run well oiled.

Having the right team for your data implementation is important, having the right processes and tools in place to move forward with data implementation is important as well.

In this training 

you'll learn what is needed to make sure your data team can run well oiled. It will focus on the right team setup, the composition of teams (skills and roles), follow-up of implementations, prioritization and knowledge sharing.

After this training

  • you will learn which roles & skills are important in your data team, how they can & should work together and how they best interact.
  • You will be able to plan & organize a day-today follow-up of your team & the progress of your data project.
  • You will have tips & tricks on how to share knowledge within your team and will be aware of best practices.
  • You will be basic trained to use agile tools as Jira and knowledge sharing tools such as Confluence.

This training is for 

managers of BI teams to setup and manage data projects.