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First steps to a data-driven organisation - for any data and business leader

How can you get the most out of your organization's data.

A lot of medium and large organisations have the ambition to get more value out of their data. They might be busy with reporting, have data scientists in their teams, have a data warehouse since a couple of years or just want to start with all of this. How can you assure all these initiatives are aligned with each other and delivering the expected value?

In this training

  • We'll clarify the world of data, the most relevant data disciplines and the trends in this rapidly evolving landscape. Think about Business Intelligence, Modern Data Platforms powered by Cloud, Data Science vs Engineering, AI and Machine Learning.
  • The training continues with a proven framework for a use-case based creation of a strategy to get more data driven. This framework has been applied in a wide range of our existing clients.
  • Finally, you will also go into the content and workout your first data-related use cases.

After this training

  • You will learn insights and spar with experienced data professionals on why data matters for you? Which possible applications? Why and in which skills and knowledge to invest? How do you start?
  • You will get a use-case based framework to create a data driven roadmap.
  • You will work out (a basis of) your first use case(s) for your organization.

This training is for

  • Senior managers or data owners in mid to large organisations responsible for defining the strategy and roadmap in a data related environment.
  • Senior data managers that manage teams
  • Chief Information Officers or Chief Data Officers

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