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Understanding your customer with data

After the training, you'll be eager to get to know more about your customers and be confident on how to approach this journey.

A 360 degree view of your customer, every organization seeks this. Hype or reality?

Saying your customer matters, is kicking an open door. But do you really know your customer? Do you really see and follow your customer's interactions with you and other behavior? Do you look when and where you can, but are missing the full perspective?

In this training

  • We’ll be looking into customer behavior, why it matters (link to business impact) and typical challenges.
  • You will further zoom in on limitations of generic approaches and how (more) personalisation makes a difference.
  • The training takes the time for making your 360-degree view, while providing multiple real-life examples that will inspire you and give you a tangible view on possibilities and limitations.
  • You will learn how to combine different data sources to work with concrete examples of customer segments

After this training

  • you'll have a clear view on multiple techniques you can use to get actionable insights from customer data. 
  • You’ll have a clear view which customer insights are most relevant and achievable for your organisation/project and the steps needed to get there.

This training is for

  • Future data leaders that wish to bring high level concept to concrete use-cases
  • Any management roles related with data driven decisions
  • Owners in mid to large organisations.

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