A Culture of Support: How Datashift Helped Me Grow as a Data Engineer

9 May 2023
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A few months ago, I started working as a data engineer at Datashift. While I had prior experience as a data analyst, working as a data engineer was new for me. I was, however, very motivated to learn about all the tools and technologies used in modern cloud computing data engineering. I still am today, and I really enjoy increasing my knowledge step by step.

At Datashift, I was entrusted with tasks early on, knowing I could always ask my experienced colleagues for help. I wrote and reworked Python code and SQL queries and ran code in an integrated AWS environment as Lambda Functions, Batch, or Glue jobs while using Code Commit to keep the code tidy in Git repositories. I also learned about Terraform to create the cloud infrastructure to set up and orchestrate the complex interactions between all those cloud services. While doing this, I could rely on my Datashift colleagues to help me whenever I got stuck: their knowledge and feedback always put me back on track. In those past months, Datashift's open communication and information-sharing culture was invaluable to me - all the more so because things change quickly in this working environment.

But I wasn't just being offered opportunities and the freedom to develop engineering solutions for our clients. For example, our marketing department also asked me to set up a data pipeline in Azure to keep track of our number of LinkedIn followers. Even if I didn't know much about Azure, I got Python code running in Azure Functions in a short time. All thanks to my helpful Datashift colleagues who provided me with quick access to the platform. In fact, I had a fully functioning app in a few days using Azure Key Vault and Application Insights functionality. Most of that time was spent learning the Azure platform. So next time I’ll accomplish something similar in just a fraction of the time.

This shows how awesome it is to have the support of a fantastic team of helpful colleagues in the early stages of a data career. Since I started working at Datashift, I've learned we all share the same goal: working together to make things work as best as possible. We do that by providing opportunities and support to our colleagues and allowing them the freedom to experiment and solve problems.

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