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How it all began: three moments that needed to happen before Datashift could happen

On January 15th 2015, 7 years ago, Datashift was born. Ever since then, the company has been growing quickly. The past seven years have not been without its challenges, but Datashift has managed to survive the delicate “baby stage”, it has lived through the “terrible two’s” and is now well on its way to go through those early teen years successfully. But Datashift’s birth and subsequent successes wouldn’t have happened if other things didn’t happen first in CEO Nico Huybrechts’ life. “There are three moments that were pure luck, but looking back, they were the catalyst for Datashift.”

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Four big data blogs you don’t want to miss

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information about big data on the Internet? Then, check out our four favorite big data blogs and some of their top articles.

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The 5 characteristics of purple people - and why Datashift loves to have them

In the technology sector, purple people are a much sought-after profile. They’re the kind of people who are the perfect blend of business knowledge and technical skills. At Datashift, we keep our eye out for this type of “purple people”. But even more so, we look for the other kind; the kind that is described in the children’s book ‘The World Needs More Purple People’ by Kristen Bell. These purple people have a set of specific characteristics that make them really valuable in every organization.

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Upon general request: six years of Datashift, three more lessons learned.

Two weeks ago, we posted a blog article about the three lessons we’ve learned in the past six years of Datashift. We received such great responses to our list of “don’ts,” I decided to share with you a list of three “do’s.” So, back by popular demand, here are another three important lessons six years of Datashift have taught us.

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