Do You Speak Data🤔? A Case for Data Literacy

With data becoming an invaluable asset, the ability to understand, analyse, and utilize it is more critical than ever. We provide an insightful exploration of data literacy, shedding light on the roles of data consumers and data producers. Discover how data fluent cultures and robust data product ecosystems can transform your organization into a data literate powerhouse.

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5 factors that make your data team successful

What makes a data team succeed? Over the years, we at Datashift have worked closely with many clients to create long-term value using their data. In the process, we've identified 5 factors essential to making data teams successful.

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Why software engineering best practices matter so much in data projects

With the rise of modern data platforms and cloud-based solutions, BI has become just one part of a much larger data ecosystem. This evolution has presented data teams with a host of new challenges, primarily in terms of the skills and expertise to create and manage data products that meet the needs of data consumers.

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Let’s gear up your Data Intelligence program!

Imagine, you have launched your Data Governance program 5 years ago. Over those years a lot happened: your team designed and implemented a complete Data Governance strategy. You can proudly call yourself GDPR compliant, your knowledge workers (e.g. data scientists) have access to data they trust and data is managed on a daily basis. You might think of taking the foot off the accelerator, but why not gear up? Automated data quality checks, data monetization opportunities and/or making your data management more efficient. Think big!

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