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Meet Nathalie: "I’ve worked for a smaller company and for one of the Big Four. It is very clear that Datashift has the best of both worlds."

Datashift keeps growing and attracting new talent, but now we want to put some of our more senior colleagues in the spotlight. Nathalie has been with Datashift since the beginning and was Datashift's second employee. In this interview with Nathalie, she talks about her decision to join and looks back on those first six years.

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Four big data blogs you don’t want to miss

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information about big data on the Internet? Then, check out our four favorite big data blogs and some of their top articles.

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The 5 characteristics of purple people - and why Datashift loves to have them

In the technology sector, purple people are a much sought-after profile. They’re the kind of people who are the perfect blend of business knowledge and technical skills. At Datashift, we keep our eye out for this type of “purple people”. But even more so, we look for the other kind; the kind that is described in the children’s book ‘The World Needs More Purple People’ by Kristen Bell. These purple people have a set of specific characteristics that make them really valuable in every organization.

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5 reasons for an IT auditor to become a Data Governance Consultant

If you’ve been part of IT audit engagements over the past years, there’s no doubt you’ve developed such professional qualities while working behind the scenes in IT departments. But what if you could work with your clients in project mode and build on those skills to solve their business issues? Let me give you five reasons to become a Data Governance Consultant at Datashift!

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