Four big data blogs you don’t want to miss

16 November 2021
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At Datashift, we love working with our clients on their data challenges. We consider it our mission to help our clients turn their data into a competitive advantage, and that’s why we are always looking for sources and opportunities to learn new things about big data. On the Internet, there’s an overwhelming amount of interesting information available on big data. To help you see the wood for the trees, we selected our four favorite big data blogs and some of their top articles.

#1 The Pudding

The Pudding is a digital publication that brings awesome (and very diverse) visual stories on what you can do with big data. Stories are enriched with compelling and interactive charts, inviting readers to experiment with the data themselves. An excellent example is their story on the impact of one single player in an NBA team. Is James LeBron truly Mr. Playoffs? Through an advanced statistic, The Pudding big data blog compares individual players’ impact on their team’s wins for a whole range of seasons (from 1977 up to 2021). This story’s top-edge visualizations enable the reader to explore the vast amount of data in a highly interactive way - far away from boring tables - and experience how these data translate into intelligible information.

BI Analysts will find stories on The Pudding interesting from a technical point of view. However, anybody interested in big data will find The Pudding’s refreshing storytelling inspirational, mainly as stories cover a wealth of interesting topics (including music, comics, sports, crosswords, books, climate, or politics).

#2 Dataconomy

Dataconomy is a news website that provides the latest information on data analytics, focusing on AI, Machine Learning, and data science. Concrete use cases on the Dataconomy big data blog give readers practical examples of how these technologies can change our daily lives. One article, for example, covers the use of AI for crowd management. Where does AI get employed in crowd management, and how does it work? How can AI help COVID-19 crowd control? Another example highlights what the use of AI technologies could mean for our battle against climate change.

Very often, terms such as AI or Machine Learning are used as buzzwords. Not so on Dataconomy. The many practical examples covered on this big data blog are a real eye-opener and make for a fascinating read on what can be achieved in real life with these technologies. In addition, Dataconomy provides courses on these technologies.

#3 MIT Sloan Management Review

The MIT Sloan Management Review website publishes papers on management and leadership topics. The "Data, AI, & Machine Learning" topic, in particular, includes many insightful articles on data and the management required around it. Data ethics, data analytics, and data strategy are the three main areas of expertise this big data blog focuses on.

As a manager or leader within your organization, you will find some very hands-on tips & tricks in the articles on the MIT Sloan Management Review website. For example, you can learn about AI leadership from industry executives to guide your organization's effective adoption of AI technology. Or you can read how to build an organizational approach to responsible AI, extracting benefits while mitigating risks.

#4 Data Science Central

The Data Science Central website positions itself as a community for big data practitioners, where members can publish posts regarding various data science topics. Data Science Central focuses on practical examples that illustrate the use of big data applications in real life.

If you are a data science practitioner, this big data blog will be very interesting to connect and interact with other experts. You can even use and test new techniques with the available data sets or access books on various data science topics.

So what’s your favorite big data blog?

Sure, there is more exciting stuff out there than these four big data blogs (even though they will take you pretty far). But since we are always looking for sources to learn new things about big data, we’re very interested to read about your experiences. Have you come across a big data blog that has proven to be invaluable? Let us know!