Building a centralized data catalog

Using a centralized data catalog to empower your business with trusted data


Gain insight into which data are available for analysis

Our client, active in the Healthcare industry, found Collibra to be the centralized data management system they were looking for. What they still lacked, however, was a partner to help them implement and roll out their first use case: building a centralized data catalog.

Finding answers to a series of pressing data management questions, that’s what our client expected from such a centralized data catalog. How, for example, can we make our data landscape transparent for our employees? And how can employees access any particular set of trusted and approved data to analyze it in detail? Most importantly, how do we ensure that this centralized data catalog is not a one-off exercise but a sustainable solution?


Centralize data, clarify their meaning and make them available to a broader audience

Our Collibra experts started by connecting to our client’s most important data sources via Collibra Data Catalog. Next, all data loaded into Collibra Data Catalog were enriched with a business glossary to clarify their meaning to end-users and rule out any misinterpretations. We then organized a series of workshops involving our client’s central data governance team and all business stakeholders. That was done to kick off a process enabling end-users to shop for meaningful and trusted data in the centralized data management system. It is indeed crucial for them to quickly and easily gain insight into which data are available for analysis, understand what they mean and how to access them.

A Collibra workflow was set up to support and automate this data shopping process, guiding end-users step by step. Once they have identified the data they are looking for, submitted an application, and obtained approval to use, they can start analyzing the data. That makes it easy for any end-user to fulfill their reporting needs.

Our client's data governance team and end-users worked closely with our Collibra experts, acting as a single team from the outset. Our experts also shared best practices from similar projects and trained end-users on the data shopping process. Finally, they shared a series of tips & tricks, enabling our client to expand this centralized data catalog in the future.


Empower data-driven processes by quickly and easily shopping for meaningful and trusted data

Knowing what data your company is collecting, what these data mean, and how you can quickly and easily access them, is crucial to empowering data-driven processes and making business decisions confidently.

In only six weeks, our Collibra experts demonstrated the added value of using Collibra Data Catalog to end-users and higher management. At the same time, they provided our client with a solid foundation for a further roll-out of the centralized data management system in the future, enabling a continued data governance journey throughout the entire organization.

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