Collibra Training Program

Rolling out Collibra towards Data Stewards


Training and inspiring over 50 data stewards

Our client, active in financial services, is launching multiple iniatives within the organization in order to realize a digital transformation program. A Data Governance Platform (Collibra) has been set-up by Datashift as Collibra implementation partner. After the realization of the first use cases, our client asked us to create and realize an ambitious training program. 

The program should be inspirational as well as practical and spread over a period of maximum 3 months. 


A tailor-made fit between in class trainings, demo's and teaching material

Before starting to create the building blocks of a training program, we first jointly identified the underlying objectives of our client. The goal was to create a higher level of ownership with the data stewards, further increase the daily usage of Collibra and inspire the audience for furture use cases.

After defining the objectives, we created an approach and plan which was openly discussed with the key stakeholders. After some minor adjustments, we decided to offer a combination of in-class instructor led trainings, demo's and providing additional teaching material on the go. A combination of providing theoretical knowledge combined with practical insights and real life examples, was one of the cornerstones of our training offering. In total, we delivered 16 training days (4 x 4) and 12 demo sessions, backed by supporting material. All trainings consisted of client-specific exercises and situations, in order to increase the relevance for our client.


Increased knoweldge and community building

The trainings we offered were very well received. Not only did we get excellent feedback, we also the increase in Collibra usage we aimed for and identified future uses cases to be taken up. With the training program which lasted for 3 months, we also laid the foundations for a Data Community at our client. Even to that extent, that he asked us the questions to further work on the development of that community and to create a learning journey for every type of Collibra user. 

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