Designing a Collibra Center of Excellence

Designing a tailor-made Center of Excellence built on four pillars


Engaging the entire Collibra end-user community

Our client, a financial services provider, manages an ambitious program to embed Data Governance in its operations. Our client decided on Collibra as the Data Governance Platform and selected Datashift as their Collibra implementation partner. To maximize the adoption of the new Data Governance Platform throughout our client’s organization, we were tasked with the design and roll-out of a Collibra Center of Excellence that engages the entire Collibra end-user community and encourages knowledge sharing across departments.


Designing a tailor-made Center of Excellence built on four pillars

Together with our client, we defined the objectives of such a Data Governance Center of Excellence. To successfully embed the Collibra Platform within the entire organization, we considered it vital for this Center of Excellence to bring together all end-user experiences and encourage knowledge sharing across departments.

To meet these objectives, we designed a tailor-made Center of Excellence built on four pillars:

  • Community building, through a community forum designed to promote the usage of Collibra and increase end-user engagement.
  • Training & development, through a program that provides each Collibra end-user with a role-based training journey visualized on a metro line map. The more intense an end-user engages with Collibra, the more stops are added to the metro line training journey.
  • Knowledge sharing, through a knowledge base that documents standards, rules & policies regarding Data Management in the organization into manuals & best practices. This knowledge base helps end-users better understand what they can achieve using Collibra and how they can contribute to best-in-class data management.
  • Support, through a helpdesk, dedicated online chat groups, and an issue ticketing service. These tools were included to ensure end-users get outstanding help for their daily use of the Collibra Data Governance Platform.

Once the Center of Excellence's design had been validated, we delivered a roadmap outlining the gradual roll-out of all services and mapping these services on the expected onboarding of end-users and the potential use cases within the Data Governance Platform.


Increased adoption of the Collibra Data Governance Platform

Our hands-on approach and our open mind to optimizing services to our client's specific needs were very much appreciated throughout this project. Both qualities proved crucial in realizing a Collibra Center of Excellence that made the end-user community feel supported in their day-to-day interactions with the Data Governance Platform. In particular, training and documentation were very well received by all end-users and proved to be instrumental in increasing the adoption of Collibra.

And that is just the beginning. As the number of Collibra end-users increases, the Center of Excellence will be upscaled to empower the growing end-user community.

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