Young companies can also invest in start-ups

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6 years ago, Nico Huybrechts and his business partner started Datashift. Meanwhile 45 people are working at Datashift, a data company specialized in business analytics, data governance and data engineering. One of the things that makes the scale-up special, is that it invested in start-ups when the company was just starting out itself.

A belief in people

For CEO Nico Huybrechts this is a great way to mitigate business risk. "I never invest in start-ups purely out of financial reasons. It's more than just a business transaction", he states.

"You have to believe in the sector, and if there's a link with my personal experience, that's a nice addition. There has to be a connection with the founder and the company. But above all, there has to be a belief in the people. Return will come as a result when you feel there's chemistry."

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