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Data Science & Engineering

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"Data Science, like any other field, is all about solving the right problems. The cool thing is: there are so many relevant problems we can solve with data!"

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Joris Renkens
Senior Manager Data Science & Engineering Datashift

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Senior Data Engineer (Cloud)

We are looking for Senior Data Engineers to strenghten our Data Science and AI practice.

Have you graduated with a master’s degree, already 3 to 5 years of experience in consulting or service-oriented environments and are you eager to have an everlasting impact on clients by building the right data solutions? Let's connect!

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Data Scientist

As the data revolution continues in full force, companies across different industries are focusing on leveraging the value of their data. At Datashift we are looking for a data scientist to help these companies achieve impactful results.

Have you graduated with a master’s degree in an analytical field and are you eager to have an everlasting impact on clients? Let's talk!

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