Microsoft Fabric

In May 2023, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Fabric, an all-in-one data analytics platform during the annual Microsoft Build event. Microsoft Fabric serves as an all-in-one data analytics platform, also known as "The data platform for the era of AI."

February the 29th we did a live webinar, including time for Q&A answered by our experts.


About the talk 

In this session, we guide you through a use case from one of our clients, highlighting the tangible benefits of this approach for the business. We illustrate how to establish event-driven data validation components in Fabric and leverage Power BI alongside Data Activator for timely notifications when issues arise.

When to consider adding Microsoft Fabric to your data roadmap...

3 Reasons we love Microsoft Fabric

    1. All-in-one analytics solution: Fabric covers everything from data movement to data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence, … thanks to the existence of different experiences all on the same platform. Switching from one experience to another is very convenient since they are all integrated into the same interface.
    2. OneLake: Your OneDrive for all your data. All personas are using the same data in the same lake, which is makes data movements unnecessary when switching from one experience to another. Also, thanks to Shortcuts, we are able to make a sort of virtual lake in Fabric and unify data across (business) domains. Soon a new component called OneSecurity will be plugged on top of OneLake as well, which will become a key factor in securing your data, in our opinion.
    3. Direct Lake mode in Power BI: Read data directly from the data lake without having to query, import, or duplicate data. The semantic layer will be available right on top of your OneLake. However, today there are still some limitations to this functionality, but we are expecting this to be solved by Microsoft soon. In its end state, it is supposed to work on the analogy of Analysis Services. This will become a game changer for fast and swift reporting on massive amounts of big data.

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