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Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning

Is your interest spiked by data science and machine learning, or do you think big data and AI are just buzzwords and want to see what the fuzz is about?

This course introduces you the quantitative analysis of data, blending classical statistical methods with recent advances in computational and machine learning.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics are exciting new areas that combine scientific inquiry, statistical knowledge, and computer programming. Organizations are turning to customer data to innovate and respond quickly to shifts in the market. Meanwhile, governments are using data to help guide policy decisions, making this a prime area for social scientists with an interest in quantitative methods.

In this training

  • We introduce you to the quantitative analysis of data
  • Show you how to blend classical statistical methods with machine learning
  • Give you practical insights and real-world examples

After this training

You will be provided the fundamentals of Data Science and Machine Learning.

This training is for

  • Data professionals that want to add machine learning to their skills
  • Data enthusiasts that want to get a grasp of these methods
  • People with basic programming skills that want to explore this field

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